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The Winemaking: Selecting the best of the best from the best


Atze's Barossa Winery CrewOur winemaking isn’t quite the riddle that might sound. Simply put, we hand pick the best blocks of our vineyards. Handpicking gives us complete control of the raw material with which we start our winemaking journey. At the winery the grapes are fermented and matured but even then they’re not Atze’s Corner wines. Only when we’ve tasted every barrel and ruled out those that don’t quite make the grade, is the wine Atze’s Corner.

Our unrivalled combination of amazing terroir, old vineyards, six generations of Barossan viticultural expertise and passionate wine making bring you the best that Barossa wine has to offer. We hope that the first four generations of Barossa Kalleskes will be produ of what we’re making of their vineyards and we trust that Generation Seven will enjoy the bottles that we leave them in the cellar.

So how do we make the wine?

It’s simple really; we take the best grapes we can grow; grapes with concentrated flavours from old vines which produce only a small crop. Using traditional techniques of fermenting in open-topped tanks and hand plunging the skins into the fermenting juice extracts all the flavour, colour and tannin giving us silky-rich, fruit laden wines. We then mature the new wine in oak barrels, barrels that we’ve selected to suit our wines’ rich flavours.

After a year or so in barrel we bottle the wine; often it will be without further treatment but sometimes we choose to smooth the wine’s edges with egg-white before the wine is bottled. The lightest of filtrations (technically known as a “sticks and stones” filter) sees the wine safely into bottle. We like to cellar our reds for a while before we sell them; this post bottled rest ensures that you get a great bottle.

Ryan Johns and Andy Kalleske

Atze's Corner Wines (SA) Pty Ltd ABN 79116973025 endorses that wine is consumed responsibly and in moderation. Alcohol cannot be sold, passed on or supplied to persons under the age of 18, Atze's Corner Wines, Direct Sales license No. 51402483 and Producers licence no. 50820387,Lot 2 Section 134 Research Rd, Nuriootpa, SA, 5355, is subject to laws of the liquor licensing Act 1997. Wine will not under any circumstances be left at an unattended premises and the delivery of the wine must be signed for by a person over the age of 18. Location 387 Research Road, Nuriootpa, South Australia.